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Welcome to Beckenham Primary School

About the School

Beckenham Primary School opened in 1912, celebrating its Centenary in 2012. The school is situated 12 km from Perth’s CBD on the Perth – Armadale train line.

Share and Care

Our school motto, “Share and Care,” embodies the values of tolerance, caring, understanding, thoughtfulness and selflessness which all contribute to a productive and harmonious school climate. The school is fortunate in having a diverse student population with over 40 cultural groups represented.

Latest School News

National Young Leaders Day 2021

National Young Leaders Day 2021

All student councillors along with Mrs Saxena and Mr Lillyman attended the National Young Leaders Day at Perth Convention Centre on 18th May 2021. They heard four guest speakers and had an opportunity to participate in a question and answer session with them. It was a very inspiring experience and all students came back enthused.