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Parents & Citizens Association

Parents & Citizens Association Committee Members

Lets CARE for our kids and school, while we SHARE the work and responsibility

The Parents &Citizens Association (P&C) is run independently from the school. Membership is open to all family members, from parents and carers to grandparents, uncles and aunts, teachers and interested community members.

The Beckenham Primary School P&C aims to:

  • Support the school
  • Promote parent participation
  • Encourage strong community support

We achieve our aims by:

  • Providing a platform to bring parents, citizens, students and teaching staff together
  • Giving parents an opportunity to be informed of all school activities>
  • Providing a forum for parents to discuss and debate school issues
  • Organising events and activities to promote a sense of school community
  • Contributing to the school’s resources through various fundraising events and activities
  • Involving parents in discussing how the money raised is spent

All members of the P&C are volunteers and contribute by:

  • Running school banking
  • Helping at school events and activities
  • Fundraising events and activities such as;
    • Pizza lunches
    • The Mother’s and Father’s Day and Christmas stalls
    • Raffles

The P&C meets twice a term and also produces a regular newsletter to keep you informed.

Anyone can join the P&C and we welcome any community member who would like to help in any way. You may only have a spare hour or two, you may not be able to help regularly. That’s OK, simply come along when you can.

The 2019 P&C Committee:

President: Marcia Dowling
Vice-President: Gemma Ierace
Secretary: Merita Maas
Treasurer: Sarah Midolo

In recent years’ funds were allocated to a wide range of items including:

  • A shade structure for the large playground
  • Café blinds for the kindy area
  • iPads and an iPad trolley
  • Shade sails for the art courtyard