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Special Program - Science

Students from Pre-Primary to Year 6 participate in 2 hours of science every fortnight in a fully equipped Science Room with specialist teacher, Yvonne Hunt. The Australian Science Curricula is taught using the Primary Connections Resources.

Class journals are used at all year levels for modeling science understandings and literacy. Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth Space Sciences are increasingly taught as the students get older using Science Inquiry skills. Team skills are taught from year 1. Students work collaboratively in teams for most lessons.

The science teacher combines a print and picture rich environment with flash cards and games to make science understanding easy for the younger students. Students’ work is always displayed.

Regular updates of photos, examples of work, videos of Team Skills and Speakers reports appear on the Beckenham Facebook. Visitors are always welcome.

Science Program at Beckenham Primary School
Science Program at Beckenham Primary School